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After my ski accident and tearing my ACL ligament I have been experiencing pain in both legs. Using the C-H-O-53 CBD bath bombs has eased the pain and relaxed the muscles. It has taken away my restless leg syndrome which occurred frequently. Would definitely recommend.


C-H-O-53 Customer


Being a gym member I found the bath bomb helped my muscles relax after the work out.  I would definitely recommend the C-H-O-53 products.


C-H-O-53 Customer


I had surgery a few years ago on my knee it has always been painful since then. I tried lots of medication and rubs but nothing worked. I was told about CBD balms and ordered this from Jennifer about a month now . Since then i have been using it and the pain in my knee has eased a lot. I had also tendinitis in my right hand and wrist got medication and a splint from the doctors 10 weeks later it was still very sore and tender to touch. Tried the balm also on my thumb hand and wrist WOW!!!! Now I am totally pain free. I also have arthritis on my knuckles and fingers, I have also used the balm on this and I can now close my fingers to touch the palms of my hands, this is unbelievable. I was unsure about buying and using CBD balm I really am so glad I use it now. It has changed things for the better without constant pain. Thank you.





C-H-O-53 Customer


I cannot live without the Camphor and Clove (Release) CBD Balm.  I use it every morning and night and now I no longer need to use my electronic pain machine for my legs







C-H-O-53 Customer



Brilliant Products.  Very Relaxing.  Stayed in the bath for over 50 minutes and felt great for the rest of the day.




C-H-O-53 Customer



Bath bombs were amazing. Would highly recommended them.  Well done C-H-O-53 for delivering such good products. Keep up the excellent work ?


C-H-O-53 Customer



I currently have very swollen calves and ankles due to an autoimmune disease. They can be very dry and throb a lot. Jennifer gave me a sample set to try out: mini bath bombs for my foot spa, bath fizz, and a roller ball. The mini bath bombs and bath fizz were both so soothing and the smells were amazing. Especially the bath fizz. There was a really strong menthol kind of smell. It was so refreshing. I am very prone to dry skin and all the products left my skin so soft and smooth. I have been applying the roller ball on my ankles in the evening when I am chilling on the sofa and again it is so soothing to my very angry rashes. Absolutely love them all. Thank you Jennifer ?




C-H-O-53 Customer


My son bought me one of the bath bombs as a gift as I’ve wanted to try a CBD Bath Bomb for ages.  I spend an absolute fortune on big brands throughout the course of the year and honestly this bath bomb left me feeling so relaxed.  My skin felt amazing too.  I was having a seriously bad day and was in quite a lot of pain, but after 20 minutes in the bath I was de-stressed, pain free and actually felt like a new woman.  I wouldn’t be big on leaving reviews but really wanted to give you some positive feedback on this.  I can’t wait to try the others.


C-H-O-53 Customer



I suffer from chronic osteoarthritis I have had a hip replacement and a bone graft on my foot. Although the surgeries helped enormously I still have some pain, and have been relying on pain relief medication. I began using CBD release body balm about 8 weeks ago, I find it really helpful for my foot and knees. I have reduced my medication to almost none at all. I use the balm in the morning and evening and it really eases my pain and stiffness, my sleep has improved as well. so Its working for me and I’m more than happy ?





C-H-O-53 Customer


I suffer with sciatica and the CBD rub is excellent for this, easing the pain in a very short time.
Bath bombs are also amazing especially after a long day at work.

Highly recommended







C-H-O-53 Customer



Brilliant Pain Relief – I was rather sceptical but thought it was worth a try.  I have fibromyalgia and other pain issues as most mornings I was up crying in pain.  It’s also my time of the month so if you know, you know.  Anyway, I used the C-H-O-53 CBD Relief Bath Bomb Last night and woke up with little to no pain and slept amazingly.  Would definitely recommend and I’ll be buying more for sure.




C-H-O-53 Customer



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